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Sequencing a Career in Biomedical Sciences

Today’s post features Dr. Dara Missan, a biomedical scientist, who loves to sequence DNA and currently is employed as a clinical laboratory research scientist. How to choose the right school, program, and research advisor are major decisions for any graduate student. What happens if does not work out? It is not uncommon for students to […]

Spring Your Scientific Career into Full Bloom

Today, the LabJourneys blog was able to sit down with Mrs. Adams. Mrs. Adams, who has had numerous job titles while working for one of the world’s largest chemical company, was kind enough to share her career story and advice. Here are ten up, ten down with Mrs. Adams. What is your current position of […]

Does Company Size Really Matter?

I highly recommend reading  ‘The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Business Don’t Work and What to Do About it’ by Michael E. Gerber. It is an excellent book, a quick read, and stresses the importance of organization, training, and standardization. The book highlights how large franchises have mastered standardization and can reproduce the same experience […]

Becoming a Process Engineer: Meet Zach Kelly

In this post, Zach Kelly, a process engineer for Ahlstrom Filtration, shares his story with LabJourneys about his current job as a process engineer and his aspirations to become a production manager. Zach is constantly pushing himself to his limits in order to reach his goals.  After meeting Zach, you can instantly tell he is […]

Developing a Winning Attitude

I have always found it peculiar when  adversity comes into my life, I can always readily recall distant memories or advice from my parents, teachers, and coaches. Even when I am not exactly looking for advice, pieces of paper with a few scribbles of my disorganized thoughts magically appear, cheer me up and refocus my […]

Teaching at Gettysburg College – Meet Professor Grzybowski

Having taught countless students for over 36 years, Professor Joseph Grzybowski imparts the LabJourneys blog at elementalreviews.com with some advice before his upcoming retirement in the spring of ’16. Professor Grzybowski currently resides as the G. Bowers and Louise Hook Mansdorfer Professor of Chemistry at Gettysburg College (Gettysburg, PA). He graciously shares a small snippet […]