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Find your Scientific Edge

Mankind has pushed itself into the modern age with the help of countless scientists who lived on the ‘cutting edge’ of research. It is not uncommon for companies to even promote new products that are on the cutting edge. Realizing that scientific advancements and breakthroughs are touted as being made at the so called ‘ […]

Tie a Scientific Double-Knot!

When embarking on a new journey or challenge you must first envision what is your goal. Although you might not know how to get there, you should feel confident that your desire will propel you to get there. I am sure everybody has the heard the saying ‘When you think you have reached the end […]

Diffracting a Career as a X-ray Crystallographer

Today, we had a chance to catch up with Dr. Glenn P.A. Yap where he serves as staff crystallographer for the University of Delaware’s department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. With over 638 published papers, Dr. Glenn P.A. Yap currently resides as the 3rd most published crystallographer. What is your current position? How long have you […]

What is LabJourneys About?

With this being our inaugural post at LabJourneys, I would like to celebrate the launch of this blog by popping a bottle of champagne (or ginger ale for those who do not consume alcohol), and give a brief explanation of the creation of ElementalReviews.com. I truly believe that life is not where your start but […]