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ElementalReviews.com and The Bandish Group, LLC have partnered to bring forth stories of successful scientific professionals to share their career stories on LabJourneys Blog. Each story is written with the intent to inspire others in the science field and to provide insight, examples and life lessons learned to others who are contemplating a career change or are just entering the industry.
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What is LabJourneys About?

With this being our inaugural post at LabJourneys, I would like to celebrate the launch of this blog by popping a bottle of champagne (or ginger ale for those who do not consume alcohol), and give a brief explanation of the creation of ElementalReviews.com. I truly believe that life is not where your start but how you finish. As humans, we strive to better ourselves and the opportunity to change is presented to us every day.  There are times when we are faced with choices and some can have a significant effect on the rest of our lives. I have always found great satisfaction in helping others find their way. Thus, the main theme of the blog will focus on providing genuine insight for all types of science careers.

Although advisors and teachers are influential in helping students shape their careers I have found in my life that great advice can be found a variety of resource such as a co-worker met during an internship, a family friend, or even a good book can provide impactful wisdom. Throughout the course of my life, I have routinely found meaningful guidance and help from all sorts people with different life experiences. My decision to attend graduate school would not have been made if I did not received invaluable advice from a worker I met during an internship. I was unsure whether to attend graduate school, and the advice I received was that graduate school is great place to find oneself. That advice helped solidify my decision to attend which ultimately changed the direction of my life. People learn by asking questions but sometimes nobody is around to take a question. LabJourneys is here to listen and help.

How am I going to find the strength within to reach the top?

How am I going to find the strength within to reach the top?

When choosing a career path, a young inspiring scientist should understand all the options, as well as the future implications. The blog will provide candid interviews from all types of workers with a wide variety of occupations and skill sets. Although becoming a professor is glamorous, the reality for most graduates is that they are left to carve a career within industry. Topics in LabJourneys will range from career advice, perseverance, scientific inspirations, and other casual themes. Feel free to share your thoughts and requests. We wish you the best of luck with your research and your pursuit of happiness.


Dr. Blog

Dr. Blog holds a PhD in chemistry and draws on his years of industrial and life experience to offer honest career advice for the advancement of young scientists.